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From a small family-run shop founded in 1969, Angelo’s Leather Care brings decades of experience when it comes to restoring and repairing leather goods. From shoes, to bags, to your favorite jacket, we’ll make it look brand new again.t

The fashion industry is always evolving, and we make sure we’re up with the trends. From specialty leathers from manufactures ranging from Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Christian Louboutin, to name a few.

Our team has the knowledge, tools and expertise to handle various types of leather goods

Shoe repair

We all have that favorite pair we can’t just throw away…

At Angelo’s, we take pride in our shoe and boot repair and carry a complete line of shoe care materials, while maintain the highest standards in quality craftsmanship, and merchandise.

When investing in a quality pair of shoes or boots, the leathers are designed to be refurbished to last. We strive to make each pair look brand new again. We aim to use the highest quality materials when repairing or restoring any shoe. Our premium materials replace the old one to make your footwear last even longer than when you have purchased them.

Making sure each customer leave satisfied is our is our top priority.

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Bag repair


Small leather clutches are the fastest to ware down. We make sure we restore the leather and any fixtures on you clutches to give the the brand new look you expect to see from the best cobblers New York City has to offer!


Whether its the handles, zipper’s, or lining, our handbag restoration team has the knowledge and experience to repair the worst of conditions. We deal directly with brand manufactures and source the same leather used for your bag to look brand new again


Our experienced team has seen it all. From the dog that chewed your favorite wallet, to the ink spilled on the precious leather. Rest assured that when it comes to restoring your favorite wallet, we have you covered!



Fix any type of zippers

Luggage Repair

Mens & Womens belt repair

Re-lase baseball gloves

WalaRepair and replenish leather jackets

Shoe stretching

Replace buckles, rivets, snaps and tasselslets

The best leather and shoes specialists you can find in NYC